Natural Living in Dominica

Dominica is the Nature Island of the Caribbean. The verdant green surroundings provide the perfect setting for growing natural products. The rivers (more than 365 at certain times of the year!) are a source of fresh water. Numerous sulphur springs provide ample opportunity for cleansing the body and spirit.

Living in such an environment is a privilege - and it is also a responsibility. It is essential that each individual does his or her part to maintain this beautiful, natural paradise we call Dominica.

Dominica is the nature island of the Caribbean

The goal of this Natural Living section is to share knowledge, tips and experiences about healthy living. Our hope is that this page can help make us all aware of the little things we can do to keep our environment clean and make our lifestyles healthier. Successful strides made here in Dominica can extend to the world beyond. If everyone plays an active role in making the environment just a little bit better each day, the world, and everyone in it, will benefit tremendously.

Conscious Conservation


Until our energy is from renewable sources we need to use electricity while keeping in mind that we are taking resources from the earth with each flick of the switch.

Tips For Energy Conservation of Equipment...
1. Turn off the electricity at the wall when finished using electrical equipment. This prevents transformers and other electrical equipment from remaining on “stand by” and using energy. DOMLEC says a TV left on stand by costs $5 EC to $10 EC per month. A 2000 Watt transformer left on all month costs approximately $100 EC.

2. Do ironing in large batches to save the energy used to heat up the iron over ! and over.

3. Machine wash clothes in full loads.

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Trudy Prevost

Guest Editor - Trudy Prevost
Over the past two decades, Trudy has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about how to Live Green in Dominica. Trudy is a Yoga Instructor at the Rainbow Yoga Center and publishes a monthly E- Newsletter which is the source of much of the information that appears here. To subscribe to the Rainbow Yoga Newsletter click here.

Trudy tirelessly scours the Net to compile useful information about how to Live Green. We will present some of that information here, and the articles will be updated regularly.


Nutritious Local Food

Coconut Oil – Virgin coconut oil is the healthiest oil on earth! Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which is known for being antiviral and antibacterial. Studies have been done on its effectiveness in lowering the viral load of HIV/AIDS patients. Coconut oil is also being used by thyroid sufferers to increase body metabolism, and to lose weight. Virgin coconut oil is also used for making natural soaps and other health products, as it is one of the healthiest things one can put on their skin.

Sugar Cane - is a variety of grass, its juice contains a wealth of grass nutrients. The special coolness of sugar-cane brings many health benefits. The juice is used by some to expel phlegm, stimulate digestion, and promote healing in dermatitis, wounds and ulcers.

Yoga and cholesterol
Can exercise effect cholesterol in the bloodstream? How much exercise do you need? I recently read on the internet that a group of researchers have found that increasing amounts of exercise caused a positive change in the size of cholesterol particles, they became larger, fluffier with less tendency to clog the arteries. Standard cholesterol tests that measure lipids -- the HDL (good) and LDL (bad) cholesterol -! - do not pick up this type of change. But take note; more exercise is better. "It appears from our study that cholesterol carried by smaller, denser protein particles appears to cause cardiovascular disease more efficiently than cholesterol carried by large, fluffy particles," lead researcher William Kraus, MD, a cardiologist at Duke University Medical Center, says in a news release. "The improvements were related to the amount of activity and not to the intensity of exercise or improvement of fitness."

Insect Control: Ants? Cockroaches?
Published by Beyond Pesticides

Both ants and cockroaches can be controlled with Boric Acid. Boric acid (borax and boron-containing salts) is a low-toxicity mineral with insecticidal, fungicidal, and herbicidal properties. It does not evaporate or volatilize into the air or pose the considerable health concerns associated with synthetic pesticides; however it can still pose health hazards and should be used with care. As with any pesticide, keep boric acid pesticide products out of reach of children and only use it in locations where it will not come in contact with people or animals, such as in cracks and crevices, behind counters, and in baseboards.

While boric acid is somewhat slower acting than the synthetic pesticides, like chlorpyrifos, diazinon, or pyrethrins, it is highly effective over a long period of time. In Dominica Roach Tablets, and Ant Killer Liquid are available in many stores, their active ingredient is boric acid and they work very well. It does not kill them dead but over time will definitely lower populations.
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Relaxation Response - by Connie Henry, RN, CARN/Certified Addictions Nurse, Herbalist and Kinesiologist.

The "relaxation response" is the name originally given to positive changes in the mind and body as a result of using meditation when faced with a real or imagined threat. These changes are the opposite of the "flight or fight" response that involves chemical changes in the body and place stress on the immune, endocrine, and ervous system when relaxation ntechniques are not used.

There are many techniques other than meditation that can be used to train the mind and body to activate the relaxation response in a crisis. Some of these include Gardening, Meditation, Yoga, Visualization, Music, Deep breathing, Swimming, Qigong, Tai Chi, Walking, Purposeful laughter, and Massage.
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