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Waitukubuli National Trail: Segment 07

» » Waitukubuli National Trail: Segment 07
Hatton Garden, Saint Andrew Parish, Begin Segment 07
First Camp, End Segment 07, Begin Segment 08
Colihaut Heights, Saint Joseph Parish, End Segment 08

Hatton Garden to First Camp

wnt-07This segment of the trail takes you from the Atlantic coast into the mountains once again. The trek showcases Dominica's rugged beauty at its best.

Here you will hear the call of Dominica's indigenous parrots, the Sisserou and the Jaco. The rainforest's rugged beauty surrounds you and you will feel as if you have truly escaped into nature's paradise.

Note that the end of this Segment lies in the heart of the mountains, unless camping one must continue on to Segment 8 or turn around. There is a Waitukubuli National Trail Cabin  - for more information contact WNT Management Unit Tel: 1 767 266 3596



Useful Information
Trailhead: Hatton Garden - Look for the Blue and Yellow markers
Site User Fees: Yes
Time Commitment (2): Segment 7 itself is 6 hours long. However, add Segment 8 (6 hours) to this and the hike time is a total of 12 hours
Journey Distance: 12.6 km / 7.8 miles
Best time to visit: Begin Early morning
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 792, Roseau
Phone: +1 767 266 3593, +1 767 440 6125
Fun Facts
Look out for: Parrots
Forest Type: Rainforest, Montane Forest, Dry Scrub Woodland
Marine: Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean Sea

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