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Dominica's Carib Territory Guest House

Charles & Margaret Williams
Your hosts, Carib Chief Charles Williams & his wife Margaret

Crayfish River, Carib Territory,
Dominica, West Indies
Tel/fax: (767) 445 7256
e-mail: charlohotel@yahoo.com

For Sale: 2 acres of beach-front land in Calibishie. E-mail us for details.

"Mabrika, Mabrika"… in our native language we the indigenous people welcome all of you visitors to the one and only Carib Reservation in Dominica and the wider Caribbean.

In the heart of the Reservation lies the most fascinating guesthouse, The Carib (Kallinago) Territory Guesthouse.

Bar and Restaurant

We came to the Carib reserve in December 1999...We ate the most amazing meal we have ever had..the crayfish was extraordinary..the chicken was good..but we licked our fingers at the crayfish and am ashamed to say we licked the plate too...but that is a credit
to the chef..


After spending time on several other parts of the island, I finished my trip to Dominica at the Carib Territory Guest House run by Mr. Williams and his charming and hospitable wife. What a pleasant way to end my trip. Each day was spent learning about the scenic, surrounding area and culture so important to Dominican history. Mr. William's knowledge of the locale and his experiences he shared with me gave a perspective I would not have learned elsewhere. Returning to the Guest House at the end of each day was both relaxfing and welcoming due to the friendly service and great meals served up by the Williams. A must stay if you wish to absorb the different cultures and landscapes of this great island - experience the culture of the Caribs firsthand at the Carib Territory Guest House.
Patrick Barton - Washington, DC



We are located on the East Central Coastline of the island of Waitikubuli (Carib name for Dominica), just a 15 minutes drive from the Melville Hall Airport, and a 1-hour drive from the capital Roseau, and the Canefield Airport.

Because of our strategic location we are well placed to access areas such as the Central Forest Reserve, the Northern Forest reserve, the three National Parks and the many beautiful hide away coves along the shores of the north-eastern coastline.
Spectacular views of the Atlantic


 The Trois Pitons National Park - a World Heritage site and home of the popular Emerald Pool.

 Morne Diablotin and the Syndicate Nature Trail- home of the two species of Amazon parrots, that of the Amazona imperialis and the Amazona Arausica found only on this island.

 The Cabrits National Park features the historical struggles between the French and the English in their bid for possession of this country with ruins of old war forts, canons and canon balls. There many species of wild life that are commonly seen, such as the boa constrictors, ground lizards, tree lizards, several species of birds and crabs, whilst at the same time, one can have fun swimming and snorkelling in its marine environment enjoying the many beautiful corals.

 The fine beaches of the northern coastline are all within easy reach; they are located at Hampstead, Calibishie, Hodges, Woodfordhill, Portsmouth and Pointe Ronde and Pagua Bay.

At the Carib (Kallinago) Territory one will experience a mixture of cultures. English, French, African and Carib (Kallinago) that is expressed in the food, language, dance, music and dress. Handicraft weaving and canoe building are among the most common signs of Carib culture and tradition.


We offer Kallinago and Creole Cuisine prepared from fresh, organically grown vegetables that are grown from our own garden. Freshwater crayfish when in season, lobster and locally caught fish are also commonly used in our menu.

During your relaxing time, a home-made rum punch or freshly squeezed fruit juice serves as a good company on your ocean view balcony.

Horseback Ridge offers great views!


L'Escalier Tete Chien

Carib Dancers  

We have a reputation for the best, well-trained TOUR Guides on the island. Whilst tours of the territory will lead you to

1) The Horse Back Ridge, one of the island's most panoramic scenery where one can see the general development of the Carib Territory, both in housing and Agriculture, beautiful view points of the Concorde Valley, our French neighbours of Guadeloupe, Martinique and Marie Gallante lying out in the Atlantic, the chain of mountains stretched out in the centre of the island from Diablotin to Trois Piton, and more.

2) The Crayfish River Waterfall ('Isulukati Waterfall'): located in the mouth of the river, falling into a natural swimming pool called “Basin Bleau” and then spouting out into the sea. The Kallinago Indian Village is also located on the same area; it consist of several traditional structures covered with thatch roofs, whilst there one can view the breakers of the Atlantic, see schools of fishes such as jacks and sprats and the big fishes feeding through them, a hike through the seaside forest or maybe just taking a fresh water massage under the falls, or you just may try to catch a crayfish will all add to the fun.  

3) The Legendary L' Escalier Tete Chien: beautiful scenery and sacred worship grounds of Ancient Kallinago. The spectacle is that of a Natural Staircase coming from the ocean into the land some 200 yards long, presumed to be built by some monstrous snake, according to the Carib legend. The story goes on as will be explained by your guide.

4) The Salybia Village with rich cultural and historical interests happens to be the main administrative area within the territory, where the church, a school, Health Centre, Police Station, Post Office, Cemetery are all located.

 Salybia is the sight of the 1930 Carib War.

 Salybia Bay is used by the natives for dugout canoes to go out at sea.

 Salybia is also the sight of a German burial ground. German warriors found dead on the shores of the Carib Territory after the Second World War were buried there.

 The first church that was built in the Carib Territory was built in Salybia and today our church has some beautiful and artistic paintings among which is one that shows Christopher Columbus' fleet on the Atlantic whilst passing through on his second voyage in 1493. The altar is made in the shape of a traditional canoe.

5) For the mountain lovers, the Carib Territory hike starts at the upper Concorde through the Charles Warner area, through the Bois Diable and D'jerick area and up to the Horseback Ridge. This is a five hour hike where one can see the virgin Rain Forest and the chance to see some of the wildlife the forest is famous for, such as the agouti, maybe a boa constrictor, an opossum, several species of birds, land crabs and more. One can also take a refreshing dip in a cool mountain stream. River bathe.


The Carib Territory Guest House is your one-stop vacation destination; we plan and arrange your tours with you. We are able to go all over the island. We arrange transportation in taxi, tours and buses, or rentals. We can arrange your dive trips. We can take you to snorkel or to hike, to river bathe or to the beach, to bird watch or just go sight seeing, we know the spots we can take you there.

 Our motto is:

No one knows this island better than a Carib

and we live up to the expectations of that motto.

About Dominica.

Dominica has an area of roughly 300 sq. miles, it is 29 miles long by 16 miles wide at the longest and largest distance; it has a chain of mountains running through the centre of the island the tallest elevation raises to a height of 4747ft. hence the cause for our narrow and winding roads. The population is just over 70, 000 people, it has an agricultural based economy, the current crops are bananas, plantains, coconuts, citrus fruits, cocoa and coffee, passion fruits, root vegetables such as yams, dasheen and tannias among others; tourism now plays a very important role on the countries economy, especially now that bananas are slowing down.

To fully explore this gorgeous nature isle, with our Central Forest Reserve, our Northern Forest Reserve, three National Parks and numerous hide away coves, 365 rivers, several waterfalls, some with hot mineral springs coming from the volcanic vents, an abundance of floral and fauna, one will require an average 10 – 14 days to do so.

 For the Cruise visitors, since you may have only a few hours on the island we have selected areas of interest that you will definitely enjoy.

 From experience we know that some of you love the rain forest, some of you love the beach, some of you love to snorkel. Some of you love the waterfall and love to swim in them. Some of you love the flowers, and in our case some would like to visit the native people and learn of the customs and the traditions.

Whatever your likes, you could be 1 or 100 together, please contact us so as to arrange for your tour whenever you cruise on to Dominica. We will give you good and even better tours for just about half the price that you pay for organize tours on the ship. Contact us today. We will arrange your tour on beautiful DOMINICA.

For a Caribbean vacation destination the Carib Territory in Dominica is the most relaxing place to be. That's why we at the Carib Territory Guest House make it our business to be sure that you really enjoy your vacation. Come join our many clients who have returned for several such experiences to our modest little Guest House. They say good view, good food, good and friendly people in a relaxing paradise.

Our rates are moderate.

We grow our own food in our gardenView of rooms

Rates (In US$)







Room only
Meals available on request with $20-$27 supplementary for breakfast and dinner per person.
There is a 10% Service Charge.

Tel: 767 445-7256

Fax: 757 445-7256

Ask for Charles or Margaret Williams

Contact us at:

Telephone Number: (767) 445 7256
Fax Number: (767) 445 7256

Mailing Address:

Crayfish River, Carib Territory,
Commonwealth of Dominica

"Mabrika, Mabrika"? voiçi comment dans notre langue nous les Caribes accueillons nos visiteurs à l'unique réserve Caribe de l`île de la Dominique et de toutes les Antilles.

Au coeur de cette Réserve se trouve la fascinante auberge qu`est le Carib (Kalinago) Territory Guest House.

Situé sur le côte est de Waitikubuli (Dominica en Caribe), l?auberge est à 15 minutes de route de l`aéroport de Melville Hall et à 1 heure de la capitale, Roseau et de l`aéroport de Canefield.

Grace à notre position stratégique, vous pouvez accèder facilement aux sites célèbres de la Dominique, tels que Central Forest Reserve ( la Réserve Centrale Forestière ), Trois Pitons National Park ( le Parc National des Trois Pitons ) qui est classe World Heritage et qui abrite Emerald Pool (l`Etang d`Emeraude), le Morne Diablotin, les Cabrits et les belles plages de la cote nord.

Au sein du Territoire Caribe, vous pourrez vivre le mélange des cultures Britanniques, Françaises, Africaines et Caribes au travers de la cuisine, le langage, la danse, la musique et habillement, l'artisanat, le tissage et la construction des canoës en bois, témoins les plus visibles des culture et tradition Caribes.

Au Carib Territory guesthouse, nous proposons les cuisines Caribe et Créole, préparées avec des légumes frais, cultivées organiquement dans notre jardin. Du homard, des poissons pechés localement et des écrevisses ( selon la saison ) peuvent aussi se trouver au menu.

Pour compléter votre relaxation, pensez a siroter un rhum punch maison ou un jus de fruit frais sur votre balcon, face a la mer.

Même si notre île ne mesure que 45 kms. sur 25 kms., il vous faudra 2 bonnes semaines pour explorer et découvrir tous les trésors qu`elle recèle. Explorez les 2 réserves forestières, Central Forest Reserve et Northern Forest Reserve, les 2 parcs nationaux, Trois Pitons National Park (récemment sacre World Heritage Site - site du patrimoine mondial - par UNESCO ) et Cabrits National Park, qui recouvre une partie de notre patrimoine marin.
La Dominique est aussi dotée d`une flore et d'une faune abondantes, des étangs et cascades, dont certaines alimentées en eau minérale chauffées par les fumeroles volcaniques, et quelques coins insolites qui attendent les amoureux de la nature.
Pour les randonneurs, la Dominique propose des sentiers balises et bien entretenus.
L?île n`abrite aucun serpent ni scorpion ni araignée veineux, ni d`ailleurs de bêtes capables d`effrayer le visiteur.

Se baser au Carib Territory guesthouse, c`est de se donner tout le loisir d`explorer l`île, de faire de la plongée. Nous connaissons les meilleurs endroits et pouvons vous y conduire.

  1. Au Carib Territory, nous avons la réputation d`être les guides les meilleurs et les mieux informes de toute la Dominique. Tout près de chez nous se trouve le Horse Back Ridge, un des meilleurs panoramas de l`île, permettant de voir le développement général du Territoire Caribe, en matière de logement et d`agriculture et fournissant un excellent point de vue sur le Concord Valley, nos voisins Français, Guadeloupe, Martinique et Marie Galante et sur la chaîne de montagnes qui s`étend vers le centre de l`île.

  2. La Crayfish River Waterfall ('Isulukati Waterfall'). Située a l`embouchure du Crayfish River, jette ses eaux dans une piscine naturelle puis dans la mer. La chute fait désormais partie du village model Kalinago.

  3. L' Escalier Tête Chien: endroit de légende, avec son paysage magnifique, l'Escalier Tête Chien est un lieu sacre depuis l'antiquité. Cet escalier naturel de 200 mètres de long qui sort de la mer fut, selon la légende, construit par un énorme serpent.

  4. Salybia Village riche en culture et en histoire est le centre administratif de la réserve, ou sont installes l`église, une école, le centre médical, le commissariat de police et le cimetière. Salybia est aussi le site de la guerre Caribe de 1930. Les pirogues des pêcheurs traversent la baie de Salybia en route pour la mer, passant pares du cimetière Allemand, ou sont enterres les corps des marins Allemands qui échouèrent sur la cote Caraibe pendant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale. La première église construite dans la réserve le fut a Salybia; dans celle qui s'y trouve actuellement se trouve un autel en forme d'une pirogue et des tableaux qui montrent la flotte de Christophe Colomb dans l'Atlantique.

  5. Pour ceux qui aiment la montagne, un sentier de randonnée part du haut du quartier Concorde et traverse les quartiers Charles Warner et Bois Diable Djericlse avant de monter sur le Horseback Ridge. La randonnée dure 5 heures et vous amène a travers la foret vierge. Vous pourrez y voir sa faune, tel l'agouti, l'opossum, les oiseaux et les crabes terrestres. Vous pourrez aussi vous rafraîchir en vous baignant dans une des rivières que vous y trouverez.

Le Carib Territory Guest House est la destination pour vous.

Nous préparons avec vous toutes les visites que vous souhaitez faire, partout ou vous voulez aller. Nous pouvons prévoir le transport, soit en taxi, bus ou voiture de location, soit en une visite organisée de groupe. Nous organisons aussi des sorties de plongée et pouvonsvous fournir un guide pour vos randonnées pédestres ou vous accompagner pour une baignade en rivière, une journée à la plage, une sortie ornithologique ou une simple ballade.

Notre maître mot, c'est

Personne ne connaît Dominica mieux qu'un Caribe.

et nous le méritons pleinement.


Si vous vous rendez a la Dominique lors d'une croisière, sachez que nous avons prévus des visites qui exploitent pleinement les quelques heures dont vous disposerez chez nous. Nos expériences montrent que certains parmi vous préfèrent la foret tropical ou la plage, d'autres la plongée ou encore les chutes et la baignade en rivière, la flore ou les rencontres avec les habitants et leurs culture et coutumes. Si vous venez seul ou a 100, envoyez-nous un fax aujourd'hui et nous vous proposerons des visites moitié moins chères que ce que peut vous proposer a bord du bateau. Laissez-nous vous montrer DOMINICA.

Pour vous détendre dans les Antilles, la seule destination est la Réserve Caribe a Dominica. Venez donc vous reposer quelques jours chez nous au Carib Territory Guest House et vous verrez pourquoi nos clients reviennent si souvent. Pour eux, la vue magnifique de la terrasse, la cuisine, l'accueil des Caraibes rendront votre séjour inoubliable.


Nos tarifs sont modérés.

Pour nous contacter:
(767) 445 7256
Demandez Charles ou Margaret Williams
(767) 445 7256

Carib Territory Guest House,
Crayfish River, Carib Territory,
Commonwealth of Dominica

For more about Dominica, visit our Basics page or go to Dominica.dm

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